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Spring Break!! =]

Spring Break starts this Friday!!

I have no idea what I'm doing.

I have vague plans to hang out with friends, but nothing set in stone yet. Easter party with the fam. Whoop whoop. None of my cousins will be there. One's going up north. The other two get to jet off to California.

While I'm stuck here where it's only 40 degrees out.
If we're lucky.

But hey, it's better than school right? And I finally get to sleep in! Even though my mom wants me to clean out my room, it should still be fun!

Only 42 days of school left!!!!! (Until summer!)
I can't wait! I want it to be warm out!!

And Harry Potter comes out over the summer! Fun stuff there!!

I'm done ranting. I'll go do homework.

Only 3 days until Spring Break!!!