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Random Thoughts

I haven't actually looked at this account in awhile and I have to laugh at the fact that my most-used tag is 'Wisconsin is Cold.'

Still accurate though. I wouldn't mind it actually getting above freezing one of these days.

Offensive talking time

Since I know I'd piss off a large number of people if I posted this on Tumblr, let's roll out some unpopular opinions.

People basing their viewing of Glee on who's on the show or not:
I've seen either "I'm not watching anymore because Chord is gone."
Or on the flip side: "I'm only watching because Darren is on."

Was there seriously no one else on the show that you liked? I know that not everyone started watching from the beginning of season one, but there had to be some other aspect as to why you liked the show besides just the one character/actor.

People getting mad about Santana getting kicked out:
She looked at Sue and said that she'd pick the Cheerios over Glee club. She took part in destroying the piano. Yes, she could easily repent and ditch the Cheerios for Glee, but she hasn't yet. I think he had every right to kick her out, and quite frankly, with the way she treated people last year, I don't really blame him. And she'll be back in an episode or two, so just chill out.

I think her storyline is going to get interesting (Shelby, Beth etc.) but for right now, I could really care less about her new "look." It honestly isn't that attractive to me. Her outfit was a bit weird and her hair, quite frankly, looks kind of gross. (I don't think it's that great of a dye-job.)

People just up and quitting the show:
This is more a personal thing because I'm an English/reading nerd and although this isn't a book, it's still a story. These characters are pretty fantastic, and although the writing of the episodes is sucking, the characters are what make it great. I don't understand how people can just walk away from it. Yes, it pisses you off, but I can't comprehend how you can dump these characters. Don't you want to see what happens to them? Their future and what they'll do on the show? It may suck now, but it could definitely change. And if it doesn't end up the way you like it, create your own ideas. That's what the glorious thing called headcanon is for.

It just kind of annoys me when people just up and leave the show. You were a fan for a reason. Just because one aspect of the show isn't working for you, doesn't mean you just ditch it all together. If I stopped watching Glee because my OTP wasn't together, I wouldn't have watched since season 1.

I think these are the only ones that will truly piss people off so I'll post the rest on Tumblr. :)
[20] - Glee icons. Season 2 spoilers.

1. 2. 3. 4. 5.
6.7. 8. 9. 10.
11. 12.13. 14. 15.
16. 17. 18.19. 20.
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20 Glee Icons

[20] - Glee icons. Season 2 spoilers.

1. 2. 3. 4. 5.
6. 7. 8. 9. 10.
11. 12. 13. 14. 15.
16. 17. 18. 19.  20. 
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Stalk me!

Plugging my social networking sites because I'm a dork like that.

Facebook -(lemme know who you are first!)

So yeah, I redid my tags because I failed epically at those last time. I talk about school a lot.

*awkward silence*

Bye!! ^.^

Snow Days!

So hey everyone who still reads this; what's up?

I haven't been on in forever because I've discovered something called Twitter. http://twitter.com/doodles357 come stalk me!
I've logged on today though, because guess what? It's a snow day!! :)

We've had exactly one snow day prior to this, and that was way back in December. We did have an early release because of the snow, but barely. and trust me, you don't want to get me started on my school's lame administration.

So what have I done so far on my snow day?

Made a couple videos and ate breakfast.

Yeah, exciting I know. But its way better than sitting in math class anyday!

I'm gonna sign off now, but I will try and get on more often. Later!!
Two years.

Two whole years of waiting.

Two whole long years of waiting.

On July 15, 2009, the wait ended.

*cue dramatic music*

Yes I'm in a slightly dramatic mood. And I'm being very random. Because I'm so damn HAPPY!!

We finally got a new Harry Potter movie! After being delayed for about 8 months, it finally arrived! Since we won't be getting any more books, unless J.K. R writes the encyclopedia, the movies are all we have left.

I've only seen it once (so far) so my review may be vague, but once I see it a couple more times, I'll go into more detail. ****SPOILER WARNING!!******

Good Points:

  • Jim Broadbent as Slughorn. He was really in character, and switched between funny and serious very well. I definitely enjoyed watching him more than I thought I would.
  • Jessie Cave as Lavender Brown. She's completely insane, but so hilarious! Poor Ron haha! I know she got a lot of grief from (jealous Rupert-loving) fans, but she's one of my favorite characters!
  • The romance. I still think that Ginny did not get nearly enough screen time in the other movies, so from that perspective it seemed odd how she and Harry were suddenly attracted to each other (if you haven't read the books.) However, the moments between them were sweet and believable. Ron and Hermione had so many moments in this one, it was amazing!! (They are my OTP.) The scene in the hospital wing was touching and beautiful. I loved how their relationship is maturing.
  • Tom Felton's performance. Before, he was in the background a lot, and this one definitely pushed him more into the spotlight. His acting was superb, and you feel sorry for Draco a lot, which is definitely new. The scene where he is crying and when he's on the Astronomy Tower are two to look for.
  • Harry on Felix Felicis. I swear to God, I was laughing so hard during that scene. Dan's acting was spot-on, and it was just so random and perfect. I'm laughing just thinking about it. The pincers!! *tear.*
  • Tipsy!Hermione. That had to be the most random part of the movie, but I found it very cute and funny. It was kind of overshadowed by Katie Bell's scene, but it was still good.
  • Cormac McLeggern. The guy is a jerk, but is very funny to watch. Freddie Stroma was great as Cormac.
  • The development of the Harry/Hermione friendship. I dislike the romantic coupling, but as friends they were great. The scene where Harry comforts Hermione after the Ron/Lavender kiss was very bittersweet.
  • Dragon balls. No more is needed to say there.
  • Ron's poisoning was very scary and realistic. I knew what was going to happen, but I was still nervous.
  • Dumbledore with the ring of fire was absolutely amazing. One of the best scenes in the movie.
  • The end scene of the movie was incredibly bittersweet. I almost cried there, and I rarely cry at movies.
Bad Points:
  • Malfoy randomly ripping the sheet off the cabinet every 10 minutes. I know they were trying to show how the Vanishing Cabinet worked, but we didn't need five shots of him dramatically revealing it.
  • Dumbledore's death. It was much better than Sirius' but the shot of him falling with the close up on his face was very random, and in my opinion, unneeded.
  • Not much of the Death Eaters, which was disappointing. I was hoping to see more of Greyback, and not a lot of Bellatrix, who is awesome! Her line of "I killed Sirius Black" kind of got old after a while.
  • No Luna commentary on Quidditch. The one Quidditch scene they had was good, but I really wish that she had commentated on it.
  • No Dursleys. I know they are suckish in this book still, but they are still fun to watch.
  • The Harry/Ginny kiss was very random, and in a weird place. No closure on their relationship either.
  • Slughorn's party. It was good, but wish there was a bit more of it.
  • There really wasn't much focus on the Half-Blood Prince book. Harry used Sectumsempra, and won the potion with it. That was about it. And it was kind of the focus of the whole movie.
  • The attack on the Burrow. It wasn't a bad scene, it was just very random. And correct me if I'm wrong, but that was Christmas break. Why was there no snow?
Ugly Points:
  • WHERE WHERE WHERE WHERE WHERE WAS NEVILLE?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! He is my favorite character, and I swear he had MAYBE two lines. That was the one thing in the movie that disappointed me the most. He was a much stronger character in the sixth book, and I wish they could have shown that in this movie.
  • Luna was also toned down a LOT in this one. The spectraspecs were great, but she wasn't in it very much either. She had a handful of lines, but was mostly in the background.
  • The whole Remus/Tonks situation. They weren't supposed to be together yet for one thing. And since they were together, shouldn't Tonks' hair have been pink? Why is she depressed? The seventh book wasn't satisfying with their relationship (Lupin was an idiot) and I'm not very optomistic about them in the last movie now. Tonks had like maybe two lines as well, and you wouldn't have even known they were dating if she hadn't called him sweetheart.
That's about all I can think of right now. I will no doubt have more to talk about once I see the movie a couple more times, so I'm signing off.  Talk to ya later!


Spring Break!! =]

Spring Break starts this Friday!!

I have no idea what I'm doing.

I have vague plans to hang out with friends, but nothing set in stone yet. Easter party with the fam. Whoop whoop. None of my cousins will be there. One's going up north. The other two get to jet off to California.

While I'm stuck here where it's only 40 degrees out.
If we're lucky.

But hey, it's better than school right? And I finally get to sleep in! Even though my mom wants me to clean out my room, it should still be fun!

Only 42 days of school left!!!!! (Until summer!)
I can't wait! I want it to be warm out!!

And Harry Potter comes out over the summer! Fun stuff there!!

I'm done ranting. I'll go do homework.

Only 3 days until Spring Break!!!


So, it's been pretty cold old.

It sucks waiting for the bus when it's -15 degrees.

So today, it got up to 70 degrees, and is still at that temperature.

I wore shorts and flip flops to school.

It's absolutely gorgeous outside.

I'm stuck inside doing homework.


Yeah, I love this weather! I wanna run around outside singing Beach Boy songs at the top of my lungs!! xD

Snow Days

Snow days.

A day when it snows (duh) and it's far too dangerous for all the little kiddies to go to school. So we all get to sleep in.

Now, I live somewhere where we get lots and lots of snow and cold over the winter. Last year we had 3 snow days! Good times, good times! ;) So, the idiots who are in charge at my high school only schedule for us to have 2!!!!! 2 SNOW DAYS!!!!! What are they crazy? We had three weeks in December, of school, because Christmas break was so long. So, we ended up having one snow day each week. There goes our 2 + snow days. And now, this past week, on Thursday and Friday, we had off as well, because it was like -40 degree windchills and all of that.

So, now to make up for all that time, because SOME people weren't smart enough to think ahead, in the new semester, we have to start each day 5 minutes earlier. Also, exams were SUPPOSED to be this week, but instead we get a full week of school, and exams are next week.

What else can I say?

Some school administrators are very very stupid. And we have to suffer for it.