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Offensive talking time

Since I know I'd piss off a large number of people if I posted this on Tumblr, let's roll out some unpopular opinions.

People basing their viewing of Glee on who's on the show or not:
I've seen either "I'm not watching anymore because Chord is gone."
Or on the flip side: "I'm only watching because Darren is on."

Was there seriously no one else on the show that you liked? I know that not everyone started watching from the beginning of season one, but there had to be some other aspect as to why you liked the show besides just the one character/actor.

People getting mad about Santana getting kicked out:
She looked at Sue and said that she'd pick the Cheerios over Glee club. She took part in destroying the piano. Yes, she could easily repent and ditch the Cheerios for Glee, but she hasn't yet. I think he had every right to kick her out, and quite frankly, with the way she treated people last year, I don't really blame him. And she'll be back in an episode or two, so just chill out.

I think her storyline is going to get interesting (Shelby, Beth etc.) but for right now, I could really care less about her new "look." It honestly isn't that attractive to me. Her outfit was a bit weird and her hair, quite frankly, looks kind of gross. (I don't think it's that great of a dye-job.)

People just up and quitting the show:
This is more a personal thing because I'm an English/reading nerd and although this isn't a book, it's still a story. These characters are pretty fantastic, and although the writing of the episodes is sucking, the characters are what make it great. I don't understand how people can just walk away from it. Yes, it pisses you off, but I can't comprehend how you can dump these characters. Don't you want to see what happens to them? Their future and what they'll do on the show? It may suck now, but it could definitely change. And if it doesn't end up the way you like it, create your own ideas. That's what the glorious thing called headcanon is for.

It just kind of annoys me when people just up and leave the show. You were a fan for a reason. Just because one aspect of the show isn't working for you, doesn't mean you just ditch it all together. If I stopped watching Glee because my OTP wasn't together, I wouldn't have watched since season 1.

I think these are the only ones that will truly piss people off so I'll post the rest on Tumblr. :)